Westland Medical Centre, Hornchurch

By comparison with other sites of the same PTAL rating and through trip generation forecasts we were able to show that the increased parking demand resulting from the proposed new medical centre and healthcare facility could be met. Planning permission was granted in April 2011.

Safety Audit for Clapham Junction Development

Assessment of a new illuminated gateway feature in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It was necessary to check that the sign would not interfere with drivers' sight of pedestrian signals which could cause a road safety problem.

Masterplan for the Isle of Sheppey, Kent - SEEDA

Design and assessment of highway infrastructure/parking requirements for a major development of residential, commercial, leisure and industrial land uses on the Isle of Sheppey on behalf of Southest England Development Authority.  The study included traffic generation, assignment and distribution modelling for a range of future year developments.

Albrighton Community Centre

Appointed by Ellis & Moore Consulting to provide a Transport Assessment in support of Southwark Council's application to erect a new two storey community centre at this site in East Dulwich, we calculated the site's PTAL rating and from this its parking requirement, conducted a parking survey to ascertain parking stress levels and assessed the servicing arrangements of the site, specifically in relation to child drop-off points.